Medical Device Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services


Bose 9100 Series Pulsatile Radial Fatigue Testers 

MDT Services uses Bose ElectroForce® 9100 Series Stent Graft Testers (SGTs) in a variety of configurations to cover your pulsatile radial durability test needs. The testers verify the fatigue life of vascular prostheses such as: coronary and peripheral stents, and thoracic and abdominal endovascular grafts under simulated physiological loading conditions. The instrument features 4 to 12 mock arteries mounted between a pair of manifolds and linear motor driven pumps. The computer controlled system is capable of delivering radial strain to the stent devices under controlled temperature conditions. Laser micrometer measurement of radial strain is performed daily at various positions along each stent to ensure that the desired strain levels are being met throughout the test duration.  

Conventional test applications for the SGT Instruments Include:

Below is a list of standardized test configurations; however, we welcome your custom needs.

SGT Model Mock Artery # Motor Power Device OD (mm) Test Frequency Compliance Range
9120-12 12 40 lbf 1.5 - 10 up  to 60 Hz 5%
9120-8 8 100 lbf 10 - 28 up  to 60 Hz 9%
9120-6 6 100 lbf 10 - 32 up  to 40 Hz 9%
9120-4 4 100 lbf 32 -50 up  to 30 Hz 7%


Medical Device Testing Services Stent / Stent-Graft Testers
Medical Device Testing Services Stent / Stent-Graft Testers