Medical Device Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services


MTS Servohydraulic Fatigue Test Systems 

MDT uses MTS Bionix® servohydraulic test systems for high force tests. They are capable of loads as high as 24.5 kN and have been used in applications that run to 30 Hz. They are ideal for testing large orthopaedic implants such as knee joints (tibial trays and stems), hip joints (balls and stems), shoulders and other devices. Additional control channels and actuators can be added to simulate multi-axis wear. These systems provide high enough force capacity such that multiple samples can be tested simultaneously using special fixturing.

For the Bionix® Axial test systems, the instrument can be operated in either displacement or load control.  For the Axial/Torsion configuration, load, torque, displacement, and rotation are all monitored and can be used as a control mode. For multi-axis load tests, additional load and displacement channels are integrated into the system to provide additional data acquisition and control.

These systems feature large test spaces and provide large ranges of motion. This provides greater flexibility in how the desired test parameters can be specified. MDT test engineers work with you to fully utilize these capabilities. Typical test applications for the MTS Bionix® test systems include:


Model Max Load Max Torque Max Stroke Max Rotation
MiniBionix® 358.02 15Kn
+/- 20Nm
+/- 50mm
+/- 140°
MiniBionix® 858 24.5Kn NA +/- 125mm


Environmental control for MiniBionix® Instruments: 

Most tests require a controlled temperature and/or saline environment. MDT Services has chambers for testing in both air and saline at temperatures to 37°C utilizing various baths, enclosures, special fixturing, and heating/circulation systems.



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