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Medical Device Testing Services

Bose ElectroForce Fatigue Test Instruments



Bose ElectroForce® 3200 Series Test Instrument (Qty 7)

MDT uses Bose ElectroForce® 3200 Test Instruments for low force, high frequency applications. Utilizing a linear motor drive, these testers are ideal for applications requiring a combination of high frequency, enhanced fidelity, and high cycle count. They are capable of loads as high as 450N and have been used in applications requiring extraordinarily high cycle counts. Various test fixture designs for the 3200 can accommodate up to 16 samples, depending on the fixture. The instrument controls and monitors displacement or load. For multi-specimen applications, transducers for monitoring each specimen can be added to provide individual data collection.

Typical test applications for the ElectroForce® 3200 include:

Bose ElectroForce® 3300-AT Series Test Instrument (Qty 6)

The ELF 3300-AT (axial/torsion) instruments retain the high frequency/high cycle capabilities of the ElectroForce® 3200 while providing higher force capability and longer displacement. The ELF 3300-AT includes a rotary motor and is capable of applying simultaneous axial and torsional loads. The axes can also be run independently and operate at values as high as 100 Hz and 15Hz respectively. Up to eight (8) revolutions of torsion can be applied in one direction during static or cyclic testing. The 3300-AT can be used in a variety of applications, and MDT has developed fixtures which adapt the torsion motion to bending, thus enabling bend testing of medical devices in various configurations. Common medical device testing applications requiring greater strains such as pacemaker lead testing or large stent graft bend tests are often performed on the ELF 3300 using fixtures that accommodate as many as 16 specimens. The instrument can be operated in either displacement or load control. For multi-specimen applications, transducers for monitoring each specimen can be added to provide individual data collection.

Test applications for the ElectroForce 3300-AT® include:

Model Max Load Max Frequency Max Stroke
ElectroForce® 3210 +/-225N (50lb) 200Hz +/- 6.25mm (0.25in)
ElectroForce® 3220 +/-450N (100lb) 200Hz +/- 6.25mm (0.25in)
ElectroForce® 3300-AT
(Axial Axis)
+/- 2.25kN
100Hz +/- 12.5mm (0.50in)
ElectroForce® 3300-AT
(Torsional Axis)
+/- 27.7Nm
20Hz +/- 2880° rotation

Environmental control for ElectroForce® Instruments:
Most tests require a controlled temperature and/or saline environment. MDT Services has chambers for testing in both air and saline at temperatures to 37°C utilizing various baths, enclosures, special fixturing, and modular heating/circulation systems. 


Medical Device Testing Services ElectroForce 3200 Fatigue Testers
Medical Device Testing Services ElectroForce 3200 Fatigue Testers