Medical Device Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services


Instron 5944 Single Column Tensile Tester 

Medical Device Testing uses an Instron 5944 Single Column Testing System® for high precision ultimate tensile strength (UTS) tests and other tension tests.  This system includes 1123 mm (44.2 in) of vertical test space and load measurement accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity option.

Two key advantages of the 5940 single column systems are their small footprint and frame stiffness. The superior stiffness and alignment of the 5940 load frames ensure precise alignment when testing everything from biomaterials to medical devices to wire. The rigid mechanical design guarantees the best possible conditions for repeatable test conditions and reliable results. 


Max Static Load

Speed Range

Max Travel


2kN (450lb)

0.05-2500 mm/min

1123mm (44.2 in)


Environmental control and chambers: 

Many tests require a controlled temperature and/or saline environment. MDT Services has chambers for testing in both air and saline at temperatures to 37°C utilizing various baths, enclosures, special fixturing and heating/circulation systems.



Tension/Compression Testing
Tension/Compression Testing