Medical Device Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services


Visit YouTube (MedicalDevice400 Channel) to view our videos.  The most recent ones are listed below:

Element Webinar Neurovascular Stent Pulsatile Fatigue


Eelment Webinar Implantable Lead Stimulator Testing


Element Webinar Metallurgical Analysis


MDT Webinar Ni ION


Part 1: Intro to MDT, Applicable Standards, and Test Considerations

by Kent Vilendrer (20 min) 

Part 2: Applications Overview and Pulsatile Durability Testing

by Kristen Lipschultz  

Part 3: Gait Motion Testing

by Kristen Lipschultz (4 min, 35 sec) 

Part 4: Heart Valve Testing

by Kristen Lipschultz (3 min, 40 sec) 

Part 5: S-N Testing

by Kristen Lipschultz (5 min, 38 sec) 

Part 6: Medical Device Testing Industry and Regulatory Trends

by Kent Vilendrer (8 min, 5 sec) 

Custom Bend Fatigue


Video Endoscope


ELF 3300 Axial Torsion Fixture