Medical Device Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services

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Unique Benefits 

Done Right the First Time
When you work with MDT engineers, you can be confident that regulatory bodies will not ask you to repeat tests that we have performed because of testing and data quality concerns. How many contract test labs can say that? We have a flawless record of getting even the toughest tests done right the first time. With over 26 years of testing for medical device manufacturers, we pride ourselves on taking the time needed to understand your application and project goals. We work closely with you to ensure success, and love to stay in touch to hear about your successful regulatory submissions.

Get Results Fast
MDT is the leader in quick turnaround times for contract test services because we have:

  1. internal expertise to quickly design sound test protocols,
  2. equipment capacity to allow for a high number of simultaneous customer projects,
  3. the fastest equipment in the industry to accelerate testing,
  4. R&D expertise to convert instruments as needed,
  5. a large inventory of multi-specimen fixtures to scale up testing, and
  6. expert engineers who can design multi-specimen fixtures quickly using our in-house machine shop.

MDT is unique in combining all these capabilities; we understand our customers' time pressures and have won many projects over the years because we start testing when customers need us to.

Transparency Builds Trust
Our goal is your success so we work closely with our customers from the very first inquiry. Our lead engineers join technical conference calls with prospective customers to ensure that we fully understand your application so we can provide you an accurate quotation for your project. We fully encourage onsite visits and lab tours by prospective customers so you can meet the MDT team and assess our capabilities and quality systems for yourself. We extend an open invitation to all our customers to drop by whenever they like to check on their tests (following our laboratory rules to protect confidentiality). In other words, the choice is yours: you can be as little or as much involved as you would like. In our experience, customers have appreciated our transparency over the years and trust MDT's expertise.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your test application.


Unique Benefits of working with Medical Device Testing
Unique Benefits of working with Medical Device Testing
Unique Benefits of working with Medical Device Testing