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Testing Tips: April 27th, 2016 

How fast can I run my axial fatigue test samples?

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With 400M and 600M cycle testing becoming increasingly common, there is increased need for accelerated frequency testing to obtain test data and meet critical deadlines. Determining the maximum frequency at which a test can be performed depends on several factors. First, you must determine what the highest frequency is that the device can be tested at and still accurately simulate physiological loading. This is device- and material-dependent, but testing at too high a frequency can skew results. Once the maximum physiological simulative frequency is estimated, the challenge shifts to determining how fast the equipment can test the device. This is dependent on the following factors:

Even after all the above variables are accounted for, there is no guarantee that the test sample can or should be run at a certain frequency. In some cases, there is no substitute for a feasibility test which can verify motions and displacements and help pinpoint the best frequency that meets deadlines but does not compromise test results.

MDT has multiple axial test machine types and can help determine which one is the best fit for your test. With our custom fixture design capabilities and in-house machine shop, we can optimize the fixturing to get the most performance from each test system. And, should you need the added certainty of knowing how fast your test can run, MDT can perform a low-cost feasibility test to make a recommendation for the best testing speed.